Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Show

Come out and see us on October 16th with a killer line up of bands!

Thanks to BuriedinHell for asking us to be on this!

More shows to come, and within the next week we should have the masters of our next two releases. On another note, studio time for the recording of our second full-length has been booked for this December. There also may be some updates about more shows soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Old Demos

Due to being asked if we had our demos at previous gigs, we have decided to put them up for free download on our bandcamp page. We will probably not release physical copies of these at any point, unless we go back and totally rerecord them.

All of our releases can be found at our BANDCAMP page. Just click the link.

The old demos below have just been added, and are free to download.

Kaiserreich (December 2007)

Albatros In Flames (Single) (May 2009)

Alle beruhigen sich auf der West Vorderseite (September 2009)

Again, the Darkness Over Sacramento Fest is on Sept. 19th. We'll be playing around 2:00, so get there early!

We may be recording this show for an upcoming live EP!

We are still waiting to get our final mixes for our Der Rote Kampfflieger EP and our song for our split. Hopefully these will be released soon.