Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nihilistischen Complete

Our new album, "Nihilistischen", has finally been completed!

Details about the full album release date soon to come!


I. "One has renounced grand life when one renounces war"
II. Sea of Nihilism
III. Lusitania
IV. Conquest
V. "Man shall be trained for war and woman for the procreation of the warrior"
VI. Schlachtkreuzer
VII. Seydlitz
VIII. Carnage of Jutland
IX. On Philosophy and War
X. "It is mere illusion and pretty sentiment to expect much from mankind if he forgets
how to make war"
XI. Wilhelmshaven
XII. Famine
XIII. Heldenklage

Generalfeldmarschall Kriegshammer - Bass, Vocals
Wachtmeister Verwüstung - Guitars, backing vocals
Feldwebel Rabenkrähe - Drums

Recorded at Mayhemeness Recording Studios in Sacramento, CA between December 9 - 14.

Written from May 2010 to September 2011.

All songs by Generalfeldmarschall Kriegshammer except "Famine" by Wachtmeister Verwüstung, "Schlachtkreuzer" by Verwüstung and Kriegshammer, and "Heldenklage" by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

To listen to a track from it, click play here:

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