Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reissues and split with Sturmtiger

 Recently, we released a split with Sturmtiger on both cassette and vinyl format.

The material on our side of the split is dated back to 2010-2011, and was meant to be released years ago. It is our only material to date unrelated to WWI, but rather warriors of antiquity.

This release came out on cassette through Worship Tapes and Vama Marga Productions and vinyl through Purity Through Fire.

Recently a high quality re-release of the first album Volkslieder was released though  

All of these will be available from us directly at our show April 7th with Absu.

In other news, the Facebook page, after over a year of fighting with the schwul that run that website, finally handed over the page to us. So, it can now be considered official, and we can be reached though there, although email is still preferred.

Check back here for more updates. A new release awaits around the corner that we are very excited and proud to soon unveil. We will also be hitting the studio in a few months once again for another project.

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